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Casino Poker Online

What the poker world has waited for is finally here! You can now play real money against real people from your computer, via the Internet. This isn't just casual, fun poker, we mean real poker tables with real players. Casino poker online is a reality, and it's also been well worth the wait.

What advantages exist to playing casino poker online over playing at the actual casino? A number in fact, and most advantage the home player. A good number of these things are mentioned in the rec.gambling poker FAQ, including some off the wall reasoning:

  • You don't have to be nice to people
  • You don't have to drive to the casino
  • You can play in your underwear. Or someone else's.
  • You can smoke, or breath clean air, your choice
  • You don't have to tip the dealer
  • The lower operating costs of the online casino may be passed on to the player
  • You can play your own music and sing along
  • You can make your own sandwich and eat at the table
  • You can play with a number of people, of which, a great number will be absolute novices!
  • You have the ultimate poker face. Smile all you want.

Casino poker online certainly offers some unique advantages, but what are the disadvantages? Summarized, these include:

  • The possibility of collusion between other players at your table
  • The possibility that the casino might stiff you (just go with a major name)
  • It's possible that the poker software is not secure
  • There is the possibility of an insider at the casino

Many of these risks are just as possible in a real card-room, so it's up to you to weight the pros and cons and decide if playing casino poker online at home is for you.

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