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Poker Chips

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Whether you're looking for poker chips to help you have some better organized back room fun, to stock a full gaming room, or just as collectibles, we can help you out.

Over the past couple of decades, poker chips, along with other standard Vegas casino chips, have slowly become an American collectible. It's become so poplar in fact, that a number of Nevada casinos have issued collectible chips, and limited edition series. The Horseshoe Casino for example, started the tradition of creating a poker champions chips set. These poker chips feature an image of each World Series of Poker champion to date, and the Horseshoe adds a new chip each year for the latest winner.

Special events and appearances can be enough cause for a casino to issue a new chip. The hard rock café recently put out a Valentines Day chip with an image of their feature Valentines performer, Melissa Etheridge.

To find poker chips for yourself, browse through our links posted below. You will find places offering new poker chips and poker chip accessories (like beautiful carrying cases). You'll also find some outstanding collections of poker chips, and connections to people who share the same hobby. Enjoy, and let us know if you know of any good online resources that relate to poker chips.
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